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Your support means the world to us! 

Crisálida was established to be a meaningful and relevant resource and support to underserved
populations struggling with complex trauma, domestic violence, posttraumatic stress disorder, substance use and other types of abuse. Crisálida’s short-term and long-term objectives are to connect these people with culturally responsive community resources, counseling services, legal services, and peer recovery coaches.
Our goal is to have sufficient funding to cover individual counseling, couples counseling, group counseling and family counseling services for 20 sessions per family (or more, as needed) to serve 80 families along the front range. Sessions cost $80-$120, depending on the type of services required. Our fundraising goal this year is $160,000.
We work with underserved populations for whom services by other agencies may not be available due to financial struggles, language barriers, immigration status, probation or parole, or other factors. We don’t turn away anyone in need. Some services we offer are paid by third parties such as grants or Medicaid, but often our services must come from generous donors such as yourself.

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