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A chrysalis (Crisálida in Spanish) is a transitional state from one way of being to another way of being. 


Crisálida was formally established in 2020 by Glory McDaniel to be a meaningful and relevant resource and support to Hispanic, Latino/a/x and other persons of color struggling with complex trauma, domestic violence, and abuse.


Crisálida is built on three core beliefs:

      (1) people need healthy people in their lives;

      (2) individuals can recover, learn, and thrive; and

      (3) individuals heal in relationship, not in isolation. 


Crisálida’s short-term and long-term objectives are to connect persons of color with community resources (legal, medical, dental, occupational, educational, social) while attending to their immediate existential needs (housing, food, transportation) and psychological needs (trauma-informed, culturally responsive counseling, peer coaching, and recovery maintenance support).  Individuals and families heal and become meaningful and valuable members of their communities when given the opportunity and resources to address the trauma and abuse they have experienced. 


Success is measured by how individuals - including victims of crime - and their children are able to engage in healthy relationships, safe housing, and independent living free from abuse and violence.  The leadership of Crisalida are individuals who have experienced domestic violence and are committed to helping those struggling to find functional wellness.


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